Obtain downloads for pathwayDesigner here. The currently version is Windows only but a Mac OS version is in preparation.

Latest Stable Version of PathwayDesigner 4.1.2 (Oct 15, 2015)


– Redesigned interface for editing species and reactions
– Added set to default visual style for species and reactions
– Updated parameter scan plugin, now orders lists of parameters and species etc
– Fixed resetting of what to plot when users switches from builtin to free format rate laws
– Restyled toolbar
– Internal changes for future Mac port

Beta Version of PathwayDesigner 4.1.3 – RC-1 (Nov 6, 2015)


– Allows users to incude reactions with any number of reactans and products
– Save default molecule style now saves caption visibility
– Added ability to set arrow heads visible or invisible
– Added ability to set the arrow head outline color
– Bug in libRoadRunner binding for computing Jacobian fixed
– New plugins:
– Metabolic Control Analysis plugin
– Slider plugin
– Arrow Tip Designer plugin

Change Log for previous versions

October 4, 2015

PathwayDesigner 4.1.1

– Fixed some issues with exporting images from pathwayDesigner
– Added PDF export of networks
– If inkscape is installed networks can also be exported as SVG
– Fixed problem with setting edge and arrow colors.
– Now imports Level 3 SBML

October 2, 2015

PathwayDesigner 4.0.7

- Left in some debug code which prevented solver configuration from working

October 1, 2015

PathwayDesigner 4.0.6

– Updated libRoadRunner to 1.3.32 (fixes issues with boolean expressions)
– Allow user to change integrator, supports CVODE, RK$ and Gillespie (See Prefs window under File)

September 2015

PathwayDesigner 4.0.5

– Fixed can’t focus window when selecting compartment properties
– Update to Matlab export, removed some functions, redesigned boolean functions
– Released with latest libRoadRunner (1.3.27) that allows boolean expressions to return values
– Fixed bug that resets reaction line thickness to 2 when bringing up edge properties

PathwayDesigner 4.0.4

– Fixes issue that arose with new compiler, prevented freee format expressions from being entered
– Fix issue with text labels, again due to update to new compiler.
– First release of Matlab export support

PathwayDesigner 4.0.3

– Was insisting on checking for rate law changes even if a species wasn’t even
associated with a rate law.
– With the move to SBML Level 3, use of boolean functions is much more strict, in
order to get round the restrictions we relax the Boolean constraints in libSBML.
Ie functions like gt (a, b) not return zero or one and this can be mixed with
normal expressions. Once Level 3/2 is released, this will be the normal behavior.
– Bad variable naming in one of the functions caused a component ‘name’ to be
renamed to an illegal string.
– Update to libRoadRunner 1.3.26 – supplied by Kyle Medley

PathwayDesigner 4.0.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2

Internal fixes, not released.

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